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Fashion One Exclusive: Elite Model Look Spain 2013

elite model

Discover the New Face of Elite Model Management Barcelona

New York, January 21, 2014 – Fashion One, the international channel for fashion, entertainment and lifestyle content, partners with the prestigious international modeling agency, Elite Model Management Barcelona, to bring the most renowned modeling contest in Spain, Elite Model Look Spain 2013, to international television.

In this new original reality-documentary series from Fashion One, we follow aspiring models from the castings in the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Malaga and A Coruña, to the semifinal, and finally the finale where the new Elite girl and the new Elite boy are chosen. Along the way, each candidate is trained extensively to become the new face of tomorrow’s international fashion marketplace. We will share their dreams, their hopes, their fears and their emotional journey as these young hopefuls go through the different phases of the competition leading up to the finale.
Organized by Elite Model Management, Elite Model Look is an ideal launch pad in the modeling industry that has helped introduce top models such as Nieves Alvarez, Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour, Linda Evangelista and Gisele Bundchen. Elite Model Look Spain is the national leg of the competition, screening local young models that will represent Spain in the Elite Model Look World Final.

“Before the fame and glamour, top models all started from a casting call. This collaboration with Elite Model Management gave us the opportunity to feature young talents as they are being discovered and trained to be the rising stars of tomorrow. We bring our viewers back to the core of fashion where it all begins, showcasing an important part of the fashion chain that is rarely emphasized,” said Ashley Jordan, CEO of Fashion One.

“Elite Model Look Spain is the spine of Elite Model Management Spain. EML girls are vital for a market in crisis like ours and numbers speak by themselves as 45% of our annual income is coming from our rooster of Elite Modyel Look girls. If we go into details, the top seller girls are past winners of Elite Model Look,” expressed Elite Model Management Barcelona director, Gael Marie.
Elite Model Look Spain 2013 premieres January 30, 2014 and will be shown every Thursday at 22:00 (GMT+8 for Asia / GMT+1 for the rest of Europe), exclusively on Fashion One. Check your cable operators for your local TV channel listing.

Elite Model Look Spain 2013 is an event exclusively covered by Fashion One. The show is created by executive producers Michael Gleissner and Ashley Jordan, with Sergi Mañas as producer. To learn more about Elite Model Look Spain 2013, please visit

Fashion One’s Fashion Frontline Announces New Anchor

Fashion Frontline

The Bigfoot Ventures subsidiary’s primetime fashion, entertainment and lifestyle news show welcomes Tiffany Schultz

February 6, 2014, New York – Starting January 2014, Fashion One, the premiere international channel for fashion, entertainment and lifestyle content, brings the third installment of Fashion Frontline with new program anchor, Tiffany Schultz. The evolved news program features the latest and most talked about fashion, entertainment and lifestyle stories from around the globe.

As the authority for breaking news, Tiffany will provide comprehensive business coverage and trends in the world of fashion. Explore the world’s best designers, high-end fashion labels, red carpet trends, celebrities and top model insider views of the emerging styles for trendsetters worldwide. With breaking reports twice weekly, Fashion Frontline will deliver the most relevant, credible and comprehensive coverage of the fashion and entertainment industry.

Tiffany Schultz brings her modeling background and connections in the fashion industry to her new role with the Fashion One Network. With a passion for fashion, art and travel, Tiffany is a professional both in front and behind the camera with vast experience in covering travel, lifestyle and fashion programmes and events. She will give a fresh perspective on the news by sharing of her own insights, explore new view points and related analysis, and getting into the headlines from the biggest fashion labels, every A-list celebrity in demand and each trending lifestyle topic today.

“Expect a journey,” Tiffany announced, “I am looking forward to embracing and reporting the high fashion, electric entertainment and exotic lifestyle news on the world stage. Fashion has this uncanny ability to infuse spontaneity, romance and glamour into our lives. Get in, buckle up and commit to the adventure!”

“Fashion One aims to bring a variety of shows that showcase fashion in all aspects of life. Fashion Frontline is a key structure in Fashion One’s program line-up that’s built not just to entertain but also to inform our viewers on the latest and credible fashion, entertainment and lifestyle stories,“ executive producer, Ashley Jordan exclaims.

Fashion Frontline will broadcast new episodes every Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:55pm (GMT+8 for Asia / GMT+1 for Europe) on Fashion One. Check your cable operators for your local TV channel listing.

Fashion Frontline is an original Fashion One programme. The show is created by executive producers, Michael Gleissner and Ashley Jordan, with Aida Murgia as this season’s producer. To catch up with our episodes online, please visit and post your comments on @fashion_one #FashionFrontline.

Fashion One Glams Up Your Dish In ‘Dining With Style’

Dining with Style

Fashion correspondent Stefanie Rycraft Jones spices the evenings with chic meals from around the globe

London, February 11, 2014 – Fashion One, the premiere international channel for fashion, entertainment and lifestyle, serves up an interesting avenue for style with new culinary series, Dining With Style. The series showcases the adventurous lifestyle of the network’s ultimate fashionista as she learns her way in the kitchen, dishing out delectable but stylish meals from gourmet meals to exotic Indian cuisine.

Dining with Style is a marriage between fashion and food. This 5-episode, 30 minute series features Fashion One correspondent, Stefanie Rycraft Jones, as she takes a break from covering the runways to master the ‘Art of the Knife’ at one of London’s exclusive cooking school, VOM FASS Cooking School. Guiding her along the way is the fabulous Chef Vanessa Adonis, VOM FASS’ very own product developer and master chef who has trained with Chef Joel Valero, owner of the restaurant Oh Duo and was a former pupil of famous 3 stars Michelin chef, Bernard Loiseau. Joining them is international wine specialist and product manager for VOM FASS UK, Fabrice Blasquez, who has in his 20 years of expertise served names like JPG and Karl Lagerfeld from Michelin Starred restaurants and fashion events. VOM FASS International is the leading distributor of premium quality wine, unique liqueurs, spirits, cooking oils and vinegars with over 250 outlets worldwide.

“As a fashionista, I’m always running to and from runway shows and celebrity parties but I feel that the time has come for me to learn my way around the kitchen,” Stefanie confesses, “This really is an exciting adventure for me as cooking is an area that I have very little experience with; but of course this being with Fashion One, I am here to add a sprinkle of fabulousness to it all.”

“This show is not just about learning the recipes but it showcases cooking as an art form that can be stylish and fashionable,“ says Executive Director Ashley Jordan, “Having a fashionable lifestyle is not limited to the way you dress up, it also extends to how you eat, so why not dine with style?“

Dining With Style premieres February 25, 2014 and will be shown every Tuesday at 22:30 (GMT+8 for Asia / GMT+1 for the rest of Europe), exclusively on Fashion One. Check your cable operators for your local TV channel listing.

Dining With Style is a Fashion One original program. The show is created by executive producers Michael Gleissner and Ashley Jordan, with Maurizio Von Trapp as producer. To learn more about Dining With Style and get recipes from the show, please visit or post your comments on @fashion_one #DiningWithStyle

Style Wars Strikes The Air Waves This November

Style Wars Strikes The Air Waves This November

Fashion One becomes ground zero for a battle of style in its new reality series

Style Wars

November 4, 2013, Hong Kong – War does not determine who is right or who is wrong, but who is strong. Style is about so much more than what you wear – it’s who you want to be. Six stylists, three judges, twelve challenges and US$15,000 up for grabs for creating the strongest over-all vision. Fashions fade but only style remains – this is Style Wars.

Up and coming stylists from London, Los Angeles, Australia, New York, and South Africa were flown to a secret location to battle it out in a new reality competition TV series called, STYLE WARS. Style Wars is an original television program of Fashion One network. This 6-episode competition will give audiences an insider’s view into the world of styling and art direction. Every week, stylists compete in a fashion-packed “stylathon” that will challenge their versatility in creating original and inventive ensembles for commercials, music videos, photo shoots, and fashion films.

Christmas balls for accessories and wicker baskets for a wardrobe ensemble, these are some of the unique and challenging items that the competing stylists are thrown and forced to construct, with some materials far less conventional than others. Each episode promises a creative thrill with twists and turns in between tasks resulting to a spicy battle of style, wits, creativity, and self-preservation.

UK ITV’s Nessa Wrafter hosts the show and also acts as a member of the esteemed panel of judges that includes UK fashion stylist and fashion editor, Rachel Anthony, and New York and London’s celebrity stylist, Adam Master. “Style is about expressing oneself. It is ‘who I wannabe today’ and not ‘what do I want to wear’,” Nessa quotes. “A contestant must have a clear vision and be able to translate that vision into an image and style,” adds Adam.

“Fashion is more than runways and models. Fashion One invites our viewers to step into the world of styling and art direction. Style Wars is about fun, fashion and creativity,” exclaims executive producer, Ashley Jordan, “It’s about showcasing the talents of a new breed of fashion stylists in a competitive environment where unexpected twists test each other’s ability and determination to create impressive commercial and editorial shoots.”

With limited time and resources, who will triumph and who will crack under pressure? Who can dress to impress?

Style Wars premieres on November 28, 2013 and will be shown every Thursday at 22:00 (GMT+8 for Asia / GMT+1 for the rest of Europe), exclusively on Fashion One. Check your cable operators for your local TV channel listing.

Style Wars is a Fashion One original programme. The show is created by executive producers Michael Gleissner and Ashley Jordan, with Cara Salmeri as producer. To learn more about Style Wars, please visit or post your comments on @fashion_one #StyleWars.

Let the battles begin!

A Journey For Fun, Feast and Fashion!

Fashion One Correspondent, Stefanie Jones travels the world in search for fabulous destinations

September 3, 2013, London – After her win at Fashion One’s London Correspondent Search, Stefanie Jones has gone packing, hops in a plane to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Our new correspondent gets to travel around the globe and takes you to the prominent restaurants, shops in unknown fashion boutiques, visits local’s best-kept secrets and relaxes in 5-star spas while sharing her views on life, fashion and lifestyle. From art, food, lifestyle, fashion and everything in between, this is Stefanie’s Travel Diaries.

Stefanie started her journey in Athens where she basks in its rich history and modern art and culture. She will then show us how to live in the lap of luxury in the wine city, Bordeaux. Stefanie will also take us to her homecoming in the streets of London reintroducing the “real” hot spots from a local’s perspective.

“It’s simply a dream come true. I get to combine my love of fashion with the excitement of traveling the world, discovering hidden hotspots and truly amazing brands. It’s a great way to bring to life such wonderful countries to the Fashion One viewers at home,” Stefanie excitedly exclaims.

“We would like to showcase the unknown side of the well-known travel hot spots to our audience,” shares executive producer, Ashley Jordan, “almost like an insider fashion and lifestyle guide to the cities. Fashion One is looking forward to introduce more luxury lifestyles and authentic cultures in different parts of the world.”

Stefanie’s Travel Diaries Bordeaux episodes premieres on September 19, 2013 and will be shown every Thursday at 21:30 (for United Kingdom), 21:00 (for South Africa), and 22:00 (GMT+8 for Asia / GMT+2 for Africa and rest of Europe), exclusively on Fashion One. A re-airing of the Athens episodes will be shown on September 5 and 12 at the same time slots. Check your cable operators for your local TV channel listing.

Stefanie’s Travel Diaries is a Fashion One original travelogue series. The show is created by executive producers Michael Gleissner and Ashley Jordan, with Stefanie Jones, Maurizio Von Trapp and Lina Dau as series producers. To learn more about Stefanie’s Travel Diaries and her destinations, please visit or post your comments on @fashion_one #StefTravelDiaries.

Fashion Spring Preview Event

Fashion Spring Preview Event
Presented by Wunderbar and Plateau Lounge @ W Montreal

Montreal,QC,April 11 2013 – The warm weather and the flowers blooming bring a smile to everyone. Spring is here and we can’t wait for the summer breeze to blow into town. It’s time to celebrate: Wunderbar and Plateau Lounge style. On April 18th join us for an evening of Fashion, music and cocktails with some of Quebec’s top designers: Marie Saint-Pierre, DUY, Travis Taddeo, Nadya Toto and Michael Eardley, they will charm the crowd with some of their top Spring/Summer 2013 designs. We are excited to have Naadei and ZOLO, two hot upcoming Canadian talents to bring down the house during the fashion show. For this special occasion Plateau Lounge will donate a portion of the proceeds from every Hope cocktail sold to support the Quebec Breast Cancer foundation. Also, some of Montreal’s top fashion photographers will be showcasing their talents inside Wunderbar with a photo exhibit unlike any other.

RSVP information

What: Fashion Spring Preview Event

When: Thursday April 18th 2013
Fashion show starts: 11:30pm
“Space is limited, entry subject to capacity limitations”

Where: Plateau Lounge & Wunderbar inside the W Montreal
901 Square Victoria
Montreal, QC
H2Z 1R1

RSVP: Karine Delage
Tel: 416-876-3329

Musical Acts:

Naadei is a Montreal artist who sings in French and English. She works with artists such as Lil Jon and her latest single “Nanadem” was produced by Wyclef Jean. We are also showcasing a fresh young talent from Toronto – Zolo who created an electro-funk party anthem called “Club Is Bumping,” and it was an immediate success in the charts and that landed him at the #1 spot on MySpace downloads. His latest single “Vacating Love” already has more than 16,000 views on Youtube and is on rotation on Much Music in Canada and Fuse TV in the states.

Our Designers:

Marie St-Pierre: Intelligence, know-how and an incredible sense of well being: three essential concepts coexisting at the very center of high end creations

DUY: Innovative and feminine, DUY’s high-end ready-to-wear fashions incorporates sharp tailoring, luxury fabrics and flawless craftsmanship in a collection that is both timeless and wearable.

Travis Taddeo: He has gained a loyal following among fashion risk-talkers by pushing and overcoming the conventional expectations established for Canadian fashion design.

Nadya Toto: Her philosophy is to create clothing, which emphasizes both comfort and refinement while indulging in ultra-feminity.

Michael Eardley: Born and raised in Montreal, Michael Eardley, a former hockey player and 2010 graduate of Lasalle College. Inspired by music, nightlife and architecture, MICHAEL EARDLEY is an edgy and sexy line with a living the good life vibe to it.The line philosophy is all about capturing the night and living in the moment, while wearing statement making pièces and easy to wear nightlife essentials.

Our photographers:

Yanick Déry: Blending fashion-forward trends and cutting-edge digital photography, every shot conveys a style, an emotion, a passion.

Allen McEachern: Montreal photojournalist and commercial photographer, specialized in editorial and corporate reportage, advertising photography, and event documentary.

Cicile Lopes: After a formal schooling, she felt pushed by a desire to travel and to encounter new characters. Asia and Oceania provided her with her first collection of strong images. Her most prominent exhibitions include the Mekong and Kid, an array of portraits of children taken during her Asian experience and the series my super hero that portrays simple and heroic people.

About bpc

bpc (by peter chase) is a hospitality development and management company whose focus is the creation and operation of restaurants & bars around the world. Our diverse backgrounds and collective knowledge bring unique vision and operational expertise to every concept. 

With an international client list spanning from independent restaurants & bars to luxury hotel and casino operators, bpc has become the resource for innovative hospitality concepts like Wunderbar and Plateau Lounge.

About Plateau Lounge

Unique and compelling, Plateau Lounge, a chill refuge that conjures a dreamy wild wood is dramatically positioned between lush and lavish environs. Guests gather to sip artisan cocktails from resident mixologists such as Thaitini, Blood Orange Margarita, Maple Mojito, and the Hope, a cocktail created in support of cancer research; snack on Otto creations; chat and people watch in a series of cozy niches bathed in animated warm shafts of colored light. From Tuesday evening to Saturday nights, some of Montreal’s hottest D.J.’s and musical talent make the scene in support of Young Artists Series.

About Wunderbar

Inspired by Montreal’s distinctive seasons and magnificent natural surroundings, Wunderbar filters jet set cocktail culture through a local lens. The sleek, multi-level club exudes the outdoors’ vibrancy while offering amenities consistent with A-list destinations worldwide.

About W Montreal

Comfort and Design are W Montréal’s motto. Guest amenities and services abound at W Montréal and include three bars and lounges, including Montréal’s hottest spot, Wunderbar. W’s signature “Whatever, Whenever®” service, its devoted concierge hotline and “Sweat” W Montréal’s full service fitness centre are available 24/7. In addition, guests delight with their in-room exclusive Bliss® amenity set.

For more information:

Karine Delage
Cell.: 416 876 3329

Bella Petite: Fashion One Television Comes to Bella Petite

Fashion One Television Comes to Bella Petite

Fashion One is a global lifestyle and entertainment TV network for women focused on glamorous and inspirational fashion in all aspect of life. With the latest updates and in-depth interviews with designers and celebrities, female audiences will be entertained with Fashion One’s original programmes including reality shows, documentary, travelogue, entertainment news and lifestyle magazine.

Fashion One broadcasted in HD and reach over 100 million homes all over the world in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Europe and Americas through 20 satellites, 9 feeds and 3 languages.

Fashion as it pertains to television, it is not limited to just runway and models. Viewers can find fashion, trends and style everywhere. From photography, street style and beauty tips, to designer retrospectives and the latest celebrity trends, Fashion One reveals fashion in all aspects of life.

Adding to the core programming of the latest in fashion, entertainment, lifestyle news, profiles of A-list celebrities, luxury brands, holiday destinations and red carpet events, Fashion One will also deliver a strong lineup of original programming. This includes: Fashion One Correspondent Search, a reality series that seeks to find the network’s Fashion Correspondent in all the fashion capitals; Eco-Fashion, a docu-series take viewers on a mind-opening journey into the realm of environmentally sustainable fashion; Design Genius, a fashion-packed reality series where designers around the world are surprised with unconventional materials and have to make high fashion garments within a strict time frame; Fashion Frontline, a fashion news programming deliver the most immediate, credible, and comprehensive coverage on the industry news, along with providing a daily-dose of celeb gossip and beauty trends from around the globe; Front Row, a fashion commentary that critique the season’s best designer catwalks and give viewers insight into how to stay fashionable with looks straight from the runway; Fash-Back, a fashion retrospective highlights the evolution of fashion designers; Beauty Fix, a beauty series that take the latest catwalk looks and show viewers how to mirror for everyday use; Fashion One, My Style, a series offers viewers a chance to see different styles from the chic trendsetters from the street corners around the world.

By producing all content with 100% right, Fashion One we are already prepared to create our mobile channel, our online channel, our VOD channel accessing to the library on the unique programmes about fashion, entertainment and lifestyle. The Fashion One Network is a subsidiary of Bigfoot Entertainment.

“Make the Unimaginable Fashionable,”

Fashion One launches new original reality TV show, “Design Genius.”

London, March 1, 2013 – Talented emerging fashion designers from around the world gather with one goal in mind: to be crowned the new fashion prodigy and win the title of ‘Design Genius’. The fashion-packed competition series pits three designers against each other competing for recognition and the chance to win $25,000. Outrageous fashion designer-turned-reality star, Indashio, hosts and judges the series.

In each episode, three designers are surprised with three unconventional materials and one inspirational element. They must create an accessory, undergarment, and wardrobe using only the items provided. “It’s amazing to watch these designers create high fashion garments out of bicycles, beach balls and first-aid kits, and then bring these individual pieces together to create an overall vision,” explains New York City’s famed Indashio. “It’s about making the unimaginable fashionable… It’s design or die!” With crippling time constraints, obscure materials and unpredictable inspirations, designers will battle it out and find their design skills pushed to the limit.

Each designer will have to be flexible, inventive, creative, and display a unique talent for designing with unconventional materials. In the end, there can be only one Design Genius!

“It’s all about creativity in design and material use. The contestants in this fashion-packed competition series are given the extreme inspirational and obscure elements to construct with. Viewers can expect amazing drama and design from these different contestants from all over the world.” remarked Ashley Jordan, CEO of Fashion One.

Alongside the show, the Fashion One Network will launch a worldwide competition for those who have what it takes to become a Design Genius. Everyone is invited to showcase their creativity by submitting photos using unconventional materials to create inventive clothing and/or accessories. The winner will be awarded with a cash prize of US$1000 and a chance to be interviewed as a participant for the next season of Design Genius.

Design Genius will air on March 19, 2013 and will be shown every Tuesday at 9:00pm in UK and 10:30pm (GMT+8 for Asia / GMT+2 for Europe and Africa) for the rest of the world, exclusively on Fashion One Network. Check your cable operators for your local TV channel listing.

The next season of Design Genius – Design Genius Asia – is casting the next group of upcoming designers. For more information or to learn how to apply, please contact

Get to know more about Design Genius by going to or follow Fashion One on twitter @fashion_one #DesignGenius and “Like” us on Facebook

Design Genius is production of Bigfoot Entertainment for Fashion One Network’s original programming. The show is created by executive producers, Michael Gleissner and Ashley Jordan, with Cara Salmeri as producer and Andrew McMennamy as director.

Design Genius

Design Genius

Design Genius

Fashion News From Around the Globe

Breaking news brought to you by Fashion One’s Fashion Frontline

February 7, 2013, London – What are the most current developments of your favourite fashion labels? What are the latest celebrity and model trends? When you want your dose of fashion news, Fashion One’s Fashion Frontline delivers the most current and relevant news related to fashion, anchored by one of London’s most in-demand presenters, Henrietta Moore.

From the latest style trends to fashion business analysis, Fashion Frontline will deliver the most immediate, credible, and comprehensive coverage on the industry news for your viewing pleasure, along with providing a daily-dose of celebrity gossip and beauty trends from around the globe.

“We deliver fresh fashion, entertainment and lifestyle news straight from the designers and the companies themselves,” Fashion Frontline Anchor, Henrietta boasts, “We will be reporting not just the glitz and glamour of fashion, but also the business side of it too.”

“Fashion Frontline is more than just a fashion news show. It covers everything about fashion in all aspects of life from around the world,” executive producer, Ashley Jordan explains, “When you think of fashion as it pertains to television, you should not be limited to just runway and models. The programme is another example of our global, fashion-forward programming for women and trendsetters all over the world that love fashion and all that it embodies.”

Fashion Frontline will broadcast on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11pm (GMT+8 for Asia / GMT+2 for Europe except UK and Africa) and 9pm (UK)on Fashion One. Check your cable operators for your local TV channel listing.

Fashion Frontline is production of Bigfoot Entertainment for Fashion One. The show is created by executive producers, Michael Gleissner and Ashley Jordan, with James Wilson as producer. Bigfoot Entertainment is a multi-media entertainment company that produces original programming and content for its subsidiaries, which includes Fashion One Network.

Your weekly dose of Fashion and Entertainment

What is Fashion Frontline?

From the latest runway news and fashion updates, to exclusive Hollywood celebrity scoop, Fashion Frontline is a thrice a week news report bringing you the latest on fashion, entertainment and lifestyle from around the globe. Get to know the latest in style and beauty trends, daily dose of celebrity gossip and fashion business analysis delivered to you with the most comprehensive coverage of the fashion industry.

News anchor Henrietta Moore will be hosting this season’s Fashion Frontline News.

The Host

Henrietta Lily Moore

Presenting has always been a passion of Henrietta’s and she has been involved in projects such as hosting, radio and television from a young age. From her popularity on Made in Chelsea she was asked to interview at T4 on the beach and later presented official Candy Kitten videos with the CEO of the brand and fellow co-star Jamie Laing. Henrietta is extremely confident when it comes to corporate videos hosting for brands such as Ibar, whilst also being involved in a numerous projects from London Day out to Business today. In London she works freelance for events such as Vogue Fashion Night out and Miss London. Along the way Henrietta set up her own blog obtaining substantial hits from around the globe and leading to her employment as a video blogger.

Q&A with Henrietta Lily Moore

1. What will you be bringing to the show?

I love to write.

Coming from an academic background, I personally research and write my own material. I want to get to know more about the project or the brand and not just be the face that’s representing it. I want to be the ambassador of the brand, having knowledge to go with it and not just the script.

Being in the broadcast and fashion industries (model), I have contacts and connections that would get me the scoop I need and ensure the credibility of the news we will be presenting.

2. As a broadcaster and a model, what was your most unforgettable experience?

I would say covering movie premieres wherein I get to dress up in designer brands and get to meet and interview celebrities.

Also, my working appearance in the show “Made in Chelsea” was indeed unforgettable. It’s like I was working in a Vogue office.

3. What makes Fashion Frontline different from other fashion oriented news and programs?

We deliver fresh fashion, entertainment and lifestyle news straight from the designers and the companies themselves.

The show airs 3x a week in order to give the audience the latest and hottest news as it happens. We will be reporting not just the glitz and glamour of fashion, but also the business side of it.

4. What are you looking forward to report in? What can people expect in this season?

In fashion, I’m looking forward to report the upcoming London, Paris and Milan Fashion weeks. These events will be the one setting the trend in the industry for the coming months.

In entertainment, fashion focus films like Les Miserables or The Great Gatsby would be interesting with their era costumes and chic style.

5. What do you see happening in the fashion industry this 2013?

There’s a massive trend to go away from being “stylish” to being more casual, especially in women’s fashion. But what is surprising this year is the daring style of men’s wear in the runways with the appearance of “Meggings,” male version of the skinny leggings. I must say women’s fashion this year would take a back seat with the boldness of men’s fashion.